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You are a young company trying to gain some altitude, to grow your business and reach a wider audience? Your team and processes need support and fine tuning so that you can achieve your objectives? AFA guides you through this evolution, shoring up the departments that need assistance and helping you adapt your plans and processes to higher levels of activity.

New Arrivals

Your company is well established at home, but not quite large enough to develop in Switzerland? We provide support and domiciliation services in Geneva and Vaud, positioning your business at the heart of Europe in a stable and highly developed environment.


The ideal environment for a start-up is one where the idea is fully formed, the team is experienced and complete, the plan is clear, funding is ample and execution capability is high. Most of the time, however, one or more of the above is missing. AFA plugs the gaps in your organisation, allowing you to develop faster and concentrate on your core business.

Partnership Models

AFA has three remuneration models that can be tailored to your needs and resources. They can be either applied individually or combined by mutual agreement with the client.

Fixed fees

Services are priced at a fixed rate and invoiced monthly.

Variable fees 

Services are priced as a percentage of the client’s revenues and are invoiced monthly, quarterly or yearly. In this manner, AFA’s remuneration is tied to the client’s performance.


In exceptional circumstances AFA may contribute cash and/or billable in exchange for shares in the company.

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