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AFA handles the day-to-day activities of your company through this department which provides the full range of administrative services:

Office Management

We ensure your infrastructure is in order and runs smoothly and can even provide personal assistant services. This is particularly common for companies domiciled with us for whom we provide reception and telephone/hotline services.


From managing your books and bank relations, to audit supervision, we take care of your day-to-day accounting needs, including invoicing and payment management. We also manage contractual obligations and coordinate tax returns.

Human Resources

AFA produces and manages your employment contracts as well as all your payroll and recruiting requirements.


AFA can set up local subsidiaries, manage share registries and organise board and shareholder’s meetings.

Middle Office

AFA adapts and manages processes ensuring operations and administration work together as one.


AFA looks after your future and manages the wider implications of growth and finance.

Business Analysis

Many of our clients come to us with an idea, concept or a still developing plan of operation. AFA provides a fresh perspective and sounding board, analysing how your business fits in the wider market and bringing your plans closer to operational capability. This process often includes a thorough analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, following which we help you reinforce the former while mitigating the latter.

Business Planning, Budgeting & Valuation

We design clear budgets, financial projections and a coherent plan for the efficient organisation of your team and the deployment of your resources. We also put together the necessary presentations to get maximum impact with potential investors.

Fund Raising

We help you raise the necessary funding and manage investor relations.


AFA enhances your market visibility and access while expanding your company’s reach and keeping cost of acquisition in control.


AFA can provide representation and directorship services and assists the development of your strategy implementation.


AFA helps you manage and organises your marketing efforts, connecting with your audience through a digital communication strategy together with traditional advertising when necessary, reaching the market as efficiently as possible. We use the latest communication tools and media to further your plans, increase your visibility and achieve your objectives. 

Press Relations

AFA connects you with local outlets and publicise your activities.

Public Relations

Thanks to the wide array of skills and experience at AFA, we connect you with a variety of potential partners, investors and customers, thereby increasing your company’s impact and footprint within your market.


AFA takes full advantage of the latest productivity tools and software available. Our internal IT department optimises processes and manages digital transformation.

Hardware and Software

We select and source the necessary services, hardware and software to fully equip your team with the latest innovations.


From telephone systems to e-mail or company-wide messaging, we find the best solutions to allow efficient internal communications with your team and external communications with clients and partners.


We select and use the right reporting tools to monitor performance.

Electronic Document Management

AFA is on-boarding a brand new DMS (Document Management System) to make our services truly “paperless”.


AFA works with up-to-date technology and partners, to protect your business, and help you control activity, back up and preserve your data while ensuring you follow all regulations in force in your relevant jurisdictions.

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